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I've been experimenting with FL tonight and though why not start again eh? Sure I like metal'n shit but I can't make that and I don't mind industrial ect so why not eh? For previous fans and stuff I'll just stay messing about with it and eventually I'll probably find a foundation for my track. Sadly after my birthday I'll be gone for 1 week but I'll get back to messing about with fl after. Anyway, that's it fornow will update when something comes along.

Guess I'll follow suite

2008-03-26 18:47:46 by HiniberusDelius

Friends :3

Ragnarokia An okay dude, we had one fucker of a talk about recruiting spartan soldiers to the extent we were both dotted on the paltalk chat xD

EvilJesus Edit: made a mistake right there, anyway he's just an cool dude in general :3

McJesus A cool dude that took part in my competition for my band :D

Phantox An awesome dude that I play AA with and he's cool in general anyway.

mrfinland Havn't seen much of him as of late but I will never forget the cock talk we had soon as I enterd Paltalk xD

Blunty or known as Blun7 on paltalk. Fucking awesome dude and don't mess with him or next think you know you've got shit on yo door

Burnzoid A nice fella, a bit funny at times.

Black-Ops a fucking awesome dude no doubt.

Normal people

36hollaAn okay guy, I like some of his random flashes and recorded prankcalls during paltalk chat heh xD

slippery moose cakes An okay guy, I've seen him some times and kinda funny. I loved his dramatic bit with Burnzoid in paltalk callin' him a liar about somthing. Forgot what but it was fun to listen to xD

Hated ones:

Well no one really, couldn't care less for them so why give them improtance by adding them hmm?

Sorry if I forgot anyone D: and some day soon we might have band practice so I'll ask for a friend to take some pics to upload here >:3

Weekly poem

2008-02-13 17:13:49 by HiniberusDelius

Okay, I wanna pick up on my writeing so why not a better way to do it than in the wonderful form of poetry? Yes I do intend to update this weekly and add a new poem every week. I won't unless somthing bad is goin' down so I do intend to be serious about this. Anyway to the poem.

Lost love:
In the world today
There isn't much to say
For the people with their stone faces
And enclosed hearts
No more conversing with strangers
For they are too busy
Or they will think lesser of thee
Every one has their aim
Time taken
No money to gain
To off and away they must be
For in a world today it is money, money, money
Yet this may be hypocritical of me
For I also 'cassionaly do think of my money.

People try to shear their love
Yet in today's sociaty
There is lost love
It dosn't have to be romatic
Just a simple conversation
Somthing so small
Should be no trouble at all

It is a pity
That somthing so simple
Yet so important
Is lost today
No time for the old
No time for the lone stranger
No time, for nothing at all

Besides money, family and friends.
That is what we've been reduced to.
And a pity it is for we should be better than this
To think that such minor love is useless
The elderly sit and stare
Not making any money what so ever.
If they call you for nothing more but a small conversation.
You will think of them as weird or odd.
Yet what is soo wrong with somthing like that?
A simple conversation
A simple person
NOthing should go wrong

Yet with all the negitivity imbedded in people
The percaution is to leave them alone
Even when they ask for you
To leave them so you do not risk your self
Or your money.
Yet all they wanted
Was to share some love with a stranger
Not sexual or romantic
Just somthing simple as a small conversation
Nothing too wrong with that
So it seems to me at least.

Yet others seem to think oh so differently
A pity it is
A pity it shall be
When the elderly are no where to be seen of that generation
And all we see
Are the stone faces
Same as those of our youth
Only with deeper intensity
And the sagging skin

Then love will be somthing
Oh so small
It shall only be used for romatic reasons
Then I shall know
That love shall be bled out of the world
Out of the human consience...

I'm a metal head

2008-02-06 17:55:04 by HiniberusDelius

Hey all, so you know I've loved metal all meah life and only now have I finally decided to get some cloaths'n stuff. And for the hell of it here's a pic of me facepalming

I'm a metal head

Well, I'm bored outta my fuckin' mind atm. There's thunder'n shit outside, I'm in my jammies (lol) and... It's 10 17 pm! I also <3 pie :D

Well, I'm bored outta my fuckin' mind atm. There's thunder'n shit outside, I'm in my jammies (lol) and... It's 10 17 pm! I also <3 pie :D

Well, I'm bored outta my fuckin' mind atm. There's thunder'n shit outside, I'm in my jammies (lol) and... It's 10 17 pm! I also <3 pie :D

Things you shouldn't do

2007-11-07 12:12:27 by HiniberusDelius

1) Leave a security gaurd at Mc Donald's a napkin as a tip and point it out to him.
2) Attempt to ride a bike, do a back-flip 360 under 1 meter jump.
3) Anger your neighbour's dog because it might bite your balls.
4) Not to help a couple of super drunk hot chicks because if drunk enough you might manage to slip your hand under one of their shirts without being noticed ;)
5) Mix beer, wine and votika together.
6) Take a slut to your prom
7) Have a job that includes toilet cleaning
8) Tell newgrounds you can suck your self off.
9) Mix your balls with super-glue

Kick ass headset >:D

2007-10-30 11:11:36 by HiniberusDelius

So yeah, my old ones broke and for a stunning Lm 5 (20$ converted approximately) I got nice headphones that have a super clear microphone, thing padding around the ears for comfort/sound reduction and look pretty cool :D

Kick ass headset >:D


2007-09-16 19:07:55 by HiniberusDelius

It's fucking awsome